This is my first entry to my newest blog! It’s all things nature. My aim of this blog is to share my experiences and insights in nature. As an educator, I will share my thoughts of how nature connection is important for children (of all ages). I hope that you will get some ideas and tips that you can share with others. 

Living in/with Nature and Loving Nature. It’s such a huge part of our everyday lives. I am fortunate to live near the Niagara Escarpment. This affords me the opportunities to be close to hiking trails, camp grounds, waterfalls and the wonders of the forest. 

I am also a Forest School Practitioner. I have completed my year-long journey of study to live the principles and ethos set out by Forest School Canada, by providing an emergent, child led program that promotes holistic development through outdoor play. 

It amazes me that when we afford the opportunity of unstructured play for young children, that a sense of belonging and connection naturally manifest. Children begin to take ownership of the places and spaces that they frequently visit and this connection gives them a sense of ownership that translates into a love for nature. In their caring way they are nurturing this environment and are passionate at saving our earth, let’s keep encouraging!

Live Love Nature,